8 Reasons People Choose My Storage House

  • Rock Solid Servers +

    Our hosting, storage and VPS servers run High-Density, Ultra-Safe Raid 60 Arrays, server-grade internal hardware, and dual power supplies. This means that multiple hard drives and hardware components can fail at the same time, and your server will continue to run- with ZERO data loss!
  • Best Return on your Investment +

    Our data storage plans offer 3-5 TIMES the amount of hard disk and backup storage of ANY of our competitors, when comparing packages at similar cost.
  • Plethora of Backups +

    We keep 12 offsite backups of EVERY website hosted on our servers: 7 Daily, 4 Weekly, and 1 Monthly. As one of our hosting clients, your site backups are made available FREE to you anytime you need.
    FOUR offsite backups of every file you upload to our storage servers are retained: 2 Daily, 1 Weekly and 1 Monthly. These backups are free for you to access anytime you need
    TWO daily backups of every VPS are kept: 1 onsite, 1 offsite. For added protection, we also offer backup space on one of our storage servers (see point #B above) to all our VPS and dedicated server clients. These backups are free for you to access anytime you need.
  • US-based Company +

    Our English speaking phone support team is certified in server and internet technology. This allows them to provide you with the highest level of support in answering your questions and resolving your issues quickly. Additionally, each of our customer support team members is fully empowered to do that which is needed (and in most cases, more) for the best return on your investment. The result shows in our happy clients.
  • Transparent Pricing +

    We chose not to nickel-and-dime you for your hosting or storage services, even as you grow. The low pricing on our packages is clear, simple, and all-inclusive. There are no ‘extras’ that you need to purchase to get full use of your new service. Every plan comes with our complete line of backup and value-added services.
  • Ultra-Fast Recovery +

    If your website crashes due to issues not related to our service (for example, You accidentally break something, delete files or upload old files over the top of current ones), we can have your issue resolved within 30-60 minutes of receiving your notification (phone or email). The multiple offsite backups we keep of your website are easy to access and can be restored quickly.
  • Free Advanced Customization +

    Each client has unique server needs. That’s why each one of our VPS and Dedicated Server packages includes custom software install by our certified server techs. All you do is provide the license, software and configuration settings, and our techs will install and configure for you- no additional charge. Server crash? No problem! We’ll gladly setup your new server for you however you like, including restoring data from backups or migration from another server.
  • Incredible Package Discounts +

    85% of our clients use more than one service. The reason is two-fold:

    A.) Our clients feel My Storage House is more like a Home because we consider them family.
    B.) The Buy One, Get One 50% off Reward Program. Purchase 2 of ANY of our services: The higher price service remains at the standard cost and the second service price is 50% off. It’s that simple!
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